Covid-19 Benefit Policy

Covid-19 Insurance

GA Covid-19 cover is a tailor-made Benefit Policy which will pay out KES100,000 to the Insured person or beneficiary after infection and hospitalization of at least 24 hours because of Covid.

This is a need-based policy made available for a window of time particularly, in response to the protection gap that was identified due to the COVID situation. This policy is intended to provide a coping mechanism to the financial distress / strain that one might be facing when infected with COVID and then hospitalised. The benefit beyond the threshold of 24 hours is irrespective of number of days spent in hospital and amount of hospital bills.

The policy will make the payout under the following conditions:

  1. The cover is limited to Kenyan residents staying in Kenya during the period of cover who are between the ages of 1 and 70
  2. The Insured must have contracted Covid-19 and hospitalized for at least 24 hours
    in an accredited medical facility for the policy benefit to be paid
  3. The Insured must not have any pre-existing Respiratory Medical conditions
  4. There is a mandatory waiting period of 16 days after inception of the Covid-19 cover

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