Fire Insurance Cover in Kenya

Understanding Fire Insurance Cover in Kenya

Fire insurance is property insurance policy that covers damage and losses caused by fire. The purchase of fire insurance in addition to homeowners or property insurance helps you to cover the cost of replacement, repair, or reconstruction of property, above the limit set by the property insurance policy.   What is covered Under Fire Insurance Cover in Kenya?   The Fire Insurance cover is […]

Comprehensive Car Insurance Kenya

Understanding Third Party & Comprehensive Car Insurance Kenya Coverage

  Majority of Insurance Companies in Kenya including GA Insurance company Limited, they do offer two types of Auto insurance policies – Comprehensive car insurance and third-party car Insurance. While the third-party insurance cover is cheaper and covers only third-party damages, the comprehensive car insurance Kenya  cover offers wider coverage and is hence, slightly expensive. […]

GA Insurance Team at 2019 Think Business Insurance Awards

GA Insurance Won Top Awards During 2019 Think Business Insurance Awards at Crowne Plaza Hotel Nairobi

GA Insurance shrugged off competition from rivals to bag top awards in this year’s Think Business Insurance Awards which was held at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Upper Hill Nairobi.     Its general and life businesses were awarded in eight categories as follows; Winners-The Major Loss Awards (General Insurance) 1st Runners Up-Claim Settlement Award (Life Insurance) […]

Domestic Package Insurance Kenya Policy

Domestic Package Insurance Common Coverage Situations with Trees

    If my neighbour’s tree falls on my house, is it covered by my domestic package insurance Kenya policy? See how GA Insurance’s Maskani cover protects you against Mother Nature.   Domestic package insurance Kenya policy Common coverage situations with trees 1.     When a tree falls in your yard but doesn’t damage anything If […]

Vijay-Srivastava-GA-Insurance-Group-CEO (1)

The game changer

GA Insurance continues to deepen its footing across the murky East African insurance market, modifying its products and services to suit customer needs   If you’re planning to invest in East Africa’s insurance market,you’ve got to have an insightful strategic plan,be resilient,tech-savvy and innovative.The Market is attractive but murky and highly competitive. Analysts point to […]

Pet Insurance in Kenya

What are the Key Benefits of Insuring Your Pets?

What are the Key Benefits of Insuring Your Pets? GA pet insurance plan offers peace of mind for pet owners. Dog insurance and cat insurance are two of the fastest growing insurance types in Kenya. But still many pet owners are unaware of pet insurance and Its benefits. What are the Key benefits of Insuring […]

Travel Insurance Kenya Cover

What’s Covered Under Travel Insurance in Kenya Cover

Normally any travel insurance Kenya policy, it does offer cover for a traveller’s main trip concerns such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, travel delays, and lost luggage. In most cases travel insurance policies are built to be comprehensive to insure travellers from a variety of events that may result in a financial loss before or […]

How to select the Best Medical Cover in Kenya plan

What to Consider Before Buying The Best Medical Insurance Cover in Kenya Plan

How To Select the Best Medical Cover in Kenya Plan for your Family? In Kenya, there are several Insurance companies selling health insurance packages and choosing a cover can really be a challenge to many young families looking for an ideal cover. In addition to this challenge of selecting a suitable package, one has to go […]

Insurance Claim Process in Kenya

Steps on How To Make An Insurance Claim in Kenya

What are the Key steps of making a successful Insurance claim Process in Kenya? GA Insurance’s top 4 key tips on it.   The Following are the Key Steps Required To Make A Successful Insurance  Claim Process in Kenya   The need to inform the nearest police station about the incident This should be the […]

GA Insurance


GA Insurance Ltd held a Cocktail and Dinner event on 12th September evening at Dusit D2 Hotel to felicitate our Business partners, Brokers, Agents, Service providers and Reinsurance Executives.   During the event, Mr. Sachit Shah, Executive Director of GA Insurance, in his speech declared elevation of long time CEO of GA Insurance Kenya, Mr. […]


World Malaria Day 2019; Zero malaria starts with me

April 25th marks the World Malaria Day (WMD)! In this article, we take a look at the strides made in the fight against Malaria over the years. Key to note is that this year’s theme is dubbed, “Zero malaria starts with me”, where we need to take ownership of the fight and empower communities to […]

Life Insurance

Why Life Insurance Policy in Kenya

Why Life Insurance Policy in Kenya is should be a priority in your Life! When is the last time you thought of preparing for your death? I know that look on your face. In the African culture, we don’t talk about death as it is bad omen. Usually, many Kenyan communities have organized themselves into […]

A Quick Glance At Dehydration

Let us talk about something which we experience daily; Dehydration. As you have noticed, the sun seems to have moved a few kilometers towards our hemisphere; that is why I keep joking with my buddies that the sun has moved to the first floor. With this regard, for proper body function, we ought to stay […]

Travel post


Travel Insurance Cover in Kenya -When one thinks of travelling the world and seeing all those wonderful places in their preferred destinations, rarely, does one think of the things that could go wrong. Why? The whole point of taking a vacation is to take a break from all the ‘troubles’ and the noise’ from their everyday lives. […]



As a man, I can attest that, we seldom worry about general health, unless if it is something which will affect our deportment as men or ability to execute our day to day activities. With this regard, you will realize conditions like Prostate cancer which is common in our 50`s, is ignored as worry, in […]