Application process

  • When do i get compensated?

    Once we approve your claim as genuine

Claim process

  • Assessment, Adjustment & Investigation?

    We have a panel of providers. Being our representatives, we expect our insured’s to cooperate and avail documentation in order for them to compile a reports.

  • How and when to report claim?

    Report immediately or as soon as possible by calling, email or through your agent and brokers.

  • How long will my claim take to be settled?

    This depends on timely and proper documentation of the claim. The claim will take on average 7 working days to be settled if fully and properly documented

  • Should I report any road incident involving the vehicle even if the vehicle suffers no damage?

    Yes, you should. Do not take risk of not notifying the insurance about the ‘minor’ incident. The other driver or third party may sue you for the incident long after the incident.

  • What documents should I provide when lodging a claim?

    The following documents will form part of the documentation;
    a. Filled Motor Claim Form,
    b. Police Abstract report and
    c. Copy of Drivers Driving License.

  • What happens if it is just the windscreen/window glass that is broken/cracked?

    There are two options:
    a) Send us a filled Windscreen Claim Form and an LPO will be issued to one of our windscreen fitters and to replace the damaged windscreen/window glass.
    b) Have the Windscreen replaced and send us filled Windscreen Claim form along with the original replacement receipts with ETR receipt and photographs of the vehicle before and after replacement.

  • What is covered under Motor Insurance?

    Motor insurance provides cover for motor vehicles against accidental damage, fire damage, theft and third-party property damage or injuries.

  • What is excess amount?

    This is the amount of the loss as stated in the primary policy schedule to be borne by the insured in the event of a claim.

  • What is the motor claim process?

    After the claim supporting documents are received and vehicle garaged, the insurance company will appoint an Assessor to determine the costs of repairs. The garage will then be authorized to conduct repairs if the vehicle is repairable or Total Loss offer issued to insured if the vehicle is uneconomical to repair. After repairs are complete, a release letter is issued to the client after excess amount is settled by the insured. Insured then collects the vehicle from the garage after ascertaining repairs have been conducted to his/her satisfaction. The garage then invoices insurance company for the bill incurred.

  • What is your claims procedure?

    Policy document gives a summary of the same however it will be advised according to the class of loss / damage on occurrence

  • What should I do if I have an accident/theft?

    In case of an accident or loss of the vehicle, you should immediately notify the police about the incident/loss and your insurance company.

  • When can I expect settlement?

    Once Assessment, Adjustment & Investigation or full documentation (for small claims) is received, we send the insured a discharge voucher to sign and return. Upon receipt, settlement is done.

  • Will I be required to pay excess amount if the accident was not my fault?

    If the police abstract clearly indicates the party to be blamed for the accident, your excess amount may be waived.