Senior Management

Vijay Srivastava, CEO & Principal Officer

Vijay Srivastava

CEO & Principal Officer
Chief Operating Officer Kaushal Kumar

Kaushal Kumar

Chief Operating Officer
Francis Muigai Kamau, General Manager Operations

Francis Kamau

General Manager - Operations
Anne Kamoni, General Manager, Internal Audit, GA Insurance Limited

Anne Kamoni

General Manager - Internal Audit

Winnie Muchomba

Risk and Compliance Manager
Atia Yahya, General Manager, Health

Atia Yahya

General Manager - Health
Allan Mbiyu, General Manager ICT, GA Insurance Limited

Allan Mbiyu

General Manager - ICT
Henry Mwaura, General Manager, Human Resources, Administration

Henry Mwaura

General Manager - Human Resources and Administration
Mukesh Shah, General Manager, Treasury, Credit Control, Reinsurance

Mukesh Shah

General Manager - Treasury, Credit Control and Reinsurance
Helen Omita, General Manager, Legal

Helen Omita

General Manager - Legal
Sundeep Vaghela, General Manager, Marketing & Corporate Affairs

Sundeep Vaghela

General Manager, Marketing & Corporate Affairs
Thaddeus Akama, General Manager, Finance

Thaddeus Akama

General Manager - Finance
Steve Ngari, Underwriting Manager

Steve Ngari

Underwriting Manager