Global emergency services. We’ve got you covered.

GA Assist



Assist America, Inc., as the largest provider of global emergency services through employee and student benefit plans, has been saving lives since 1990. We respond with powerful resources to medical and other emergencies whenever a member becomes ill or injured while traveling 75 kilometres or more away from your permanent residence, or in another country.

Assist America Will Not Provide Services In The Following Instances:
Travel undertaken specifically for securing medical treatment
Injuries resulting from participation in acts of war or insurrection
Commission of unlawful act(s)
Attempt at suicide
Incidents involving the use of drugs unless prescribed by a physician
Transfer of member from one medical facility to another medical
Facility of similar capabili es and providing a similar level of care
Assist America Will Not Evacuate Or Repatriate A Member:
Without medical authorization
With mild lesions, simple injuries such as sprains, simple fractures, or mild sickness which can be treated by local doctors and do not prevent the member from con nuing his/her trip or returning home
With a pregnancy beyond the end of the 28th week and will not evacuate or repatriate a child born while the member was
Traveling beyond the 28th week
With mental or nervous disorders unless hospitalized
Trips exceeding 90 days from legal residence without prior no ca on to Assist America (separate purchase of Expatriate coverage is available)
While assistance services are available worldwide, transportation response me is directly related to the location/jurisdiction where an event occurs.
Assist America is not responsible for failing to provide services or for delays in the delivery of services caused by strikes or conditions beyond its control, including by way of example and not by limitation, weather conditions, availability of airports, flight conditions, availability of hyperbaric chambers, communications systems, or where rendering of service is limited or prohibited by local law or edict.
All consulting physicians and attorneys are independent contractors and not under the control of Assist America. Assist America is not responsible or liable for any malpractice committed by professionals rendering services to a member.