Covers any animal kept not for economic gain

Pet Insurance Policy

Pet Insurance

GA Pet Insurance  policy covers any animal kept not for economic gain but for the owners comfort .e.g. Dogs, Cats.

Finding the right Pet Insurance policy to suit your pet can be both confusing and time consuming, At GA, we cater for the needs of all Pet Owners and that is reflected by our ability to innovate and service delivery.

GA Pet Insurance Brochure

GA Pet Insurance Proposal Form

GA Pet Insurance Policy Document

GA Pet Insurance Claim Form

  • Submit duly completed application form
  • Premium payment
  • Current veterinary medical and valuation report from local Veterinary doctor and a photo of the animal
  • ANIMAL Identification-EAR TAGS, TATOOS, MICROCHIPS FOR DOGS AND OTHER PETS below 10 years of age
  • Vaccination certificates