TraumaCare Plan

Why GA Insurance's TraumaCare Plan

TraumaCare  Plan is an  evacuation/rescue insurance product designed to provide emergency care  for patients with traumatic injuries.

TraumaCare Plan Covers:

  • 1 air evacuation and 2 road evacuations within Kenya
  • Hospitalization costs of KES. 100,000 p.a
  • Last expense of KES. 50,000 p.a
  • Affordable premium of KES. 1,550  p.a


Why TraumaCare?

  • No Waiting Period
  • No Age Limit
  • Simple mode of Identification-National ID
  • A dedicated toll free 24-hr helpline
  • Access to countrywide network of hospitals
  • Affordable premium

Main Exclusions

  • Extreme sporting activities
  • Engaging in illegal activities and substance abuse
  • Transfer of patients within hospitals of the same capabilities
  • Transfers of members with simple injuries and mild sickness treatable by local facilities
  • Towing services